Why have a wedding video?

If there is one thing we hear all the time, it’s “I wish we had our wedding filmed”. Here at Inov8, we are massive advocates of wedding videos as we feel they paint a better picture than a photo ever will. All the stress and hard work that goes into a wedding deserves to be recognised and showcased as it’s a memorable occasion that will be remembered for the rest of your life. We adopt a ‘fly on wall’ approach for all weddings because it allows us to capture the most natural reactions along with not getting in the way of the guests. See our pricing below. 

Platinum Package
Top Package

  • One 6 to 8 minute Highlight reel to a song of your choice.
  • Full day of filming
  • 2 x cameramen
  • Licensed Drone operator
  • File packaged and sent via USB or online 
  • Speeches and Ceremony filmed with professional audio and made into separate films.

Gold Package
Top Package

  • One 4 to 6 minute Highlight reel of the day to a song of your choice.
  • Full day of filming.
  • 2x Cameramen
  • File delivered online and via one custom USB or Online




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